Dr. Julie Gowthorpe, RSW provides individual (adults, teens and children), couple therapy, and family therapy for a wide range of issues. In addition to counselling services, she, along with her associates, offers custody assessment, mediation services, parenting capacity assessment and parenting plans. She also offers clinical consultation and expert opinion in the area of child welfare, adolescent therapy, parental alienation and clinically managed access.

Dr. Gowthorpe specializes in issues related to PTSD and serves as a Blue Cross provider for Canadian Forces Veterans and active military personnel.

Dr. Gowthorpe enthusiastically provides topical family and mental well-being advice on the popular Mix 97 morning show. She can be heard Wednesday mornings at 7:40 am.

Dr. Gowthorpe holds a Doctorate in Social Work from University of Toronto and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from McGill University. Dr. Gowthorpe is a former Regional Director for the Ontario Association of Social Workers. She has taught at Carleton University and provides guest lectures to academic classes and business organizations. When not at work, Dr. Gowthorpe enjoys time with her husband, Eric, teens, Sophie and Luc and the newest addition to the family, rescue dog, Alaska.