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Professional Speaking

Until it happens to you, you have no true concept of what it is like to experience an attack by a narcissist or someone with a destructive personality. Professionals experience this attack in a unique way. In this talk and discussion session, professionals are given the opportunity to reflect on how they can protect themselves from such an experience. As a professional, have you experienced a seemingly unprovoked shift from “praise for all you do” to feeling caught in the cross hairs of criticism? You went from being described as “the best at what you do” to having your competence and professionalism attacked? How about putting forth 100% effort but feeling “Is it ever enough”? Do you find yourself dwelling upon interactions with a certain client? What makes emails or phone calls from some clients exhausting while others pose no difficulty?

This presentation and discussion session addresses the empathy pitfall. Professionals are increasingly faced with complex personal, systemic and personality issues. Clients with personality issues pose the greatest risk to professionals because, with a desire to better the lives and circumstances of those you work with, your empathy creates vulnerability. Professionals are increasingly coping with fatigue, symptoms consistent with exposure to traumatic events and professional implications directly resulting from this group. This program addresses how professionals can protect their empathy for clients in the context of professional and personal risk.

Dr Julie Gowthorpe Talks Getting Your Kids to Buy Into Success

A talk about back to school strategies on Mix 97.

Play Therapy with Charlene Cowling

We are pleased to offer play therapy through Charlene Cowling.  Charlene brings a unique approach to attachment and child behaviour using the theory and practice of play!


Read Julie's article published by Expert Beacon: How to prepare for a custody evaluation for your children

When faced with increasingly complex and bitter divorce matters involving children, courts frequently turn to clinical professionals to unravel the allegations and read more click here


Dr Julie Gowthorpe Talks Blended Families

Blending two families? Get tips for easing the transition, bonding with stepchildren, and dealing with common challenges.


The Talk Doctor joins Mix97 Every Wednesday

Stress caused by those close to you is hard to escape. As they say, “You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. How can we deal with family stress better?

A morning chat with Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain on Mix 97! Let your friends know that they can email me or Mix with questions or topics of interest for upcoming weeks....looking forward to hearing from you!

AIR Principles of Mediation


Paul Robichaud, MA. (CAM) Q.Med. adheres to mediation practices that support open dialogue in the building of sustainable agreements.  Paul is happy to share that his close friend and colleague, Tim Brodie, recently appeared as a key note speaker at the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada (ADRIC) annual conference.  Tim discussed the “Three Keys to the Universe” where he identified the basic human needs as Appreciation, Inclusion, and Respect; to which, he has coined the acronym AIR. Just as our bodies require air to live, our relationships require AIR to be successful. Mediation practitioners that adhere to the AIR principles, ensure that everyone at the mediation table is mindful about these practices. It is this atmosphere that incubates sustainable agreements and redefines relationships.  When selecting a mediator to support you through your issue of dispute, ensure that these principles are part of the practice.  Thanks for the words of wisdom, Tim!


Teenage Dating and Dealing with Anxiety

Wed, Feb 17,2016 - 7:30 amteenagers-dating-in-high-school

The Talk Doctor, Dr. Julie Gowthorpe was in the studio today withthe Mix Morning Crew with Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain! to chat about Teen dating, anxiety and other social issues that teens encounter on a daily basis andhow parents can help.


Being Single on Valentine's Day!

Wed, Feb 10th,2016 - 8:33 am

The Talk Doctor, Dr. Julie Gowthorpe was in the studio today with the Mix Morning Crew with Sean Kelly and Orlena Cain! She talked about healthy relationships, and what you can do if you’re spending this Valentine’s day single.

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