In addition to consultation with the media, Dr. Gowthorpe offers professional talks on a wide range of topics from work-life balance, workplace issues, parenting, trauma and mental health and well-being.

A most recent talk has been made available to assist business people and professionals in coping with destructive personalities:

Until it happens to you, you have no true concept of what it is like to e xperience an attack by a narcissist or someone with a destructive personality. Professionals experience this attack in a unique way. In this talk and discussion session, professionals are given the opportunity to reflect on how they can protect themselves from such an experience. As a professional, have you experienced a seemingly unprovoked shift from “praise for all you do” to feeling caught in the cross hairs of criticism? You went from being described as “the best at what you do” to having your competence and professionalism attacked? How about putting forth 100% effort but feeling “Is it ever enough”? Do you find yourself dwelling upon interactions with a certain client? What makes emails or phone calls from some clients exhausting while others pose no difficulty? This presentation and discussion session addresses the empathy pitfall. Professionals are increasingly faced with complex personal, systemic and personality issues. Clients with personality issues pose the greatest risk to professionals because, with a desire to better the lives and circumstances of those you work with, your empathy creates vulnerability. Professionals are increasingly coping with fatigue, symptoms consistent with exposure to traumatic events and professional implications directly resulting from this group.

This program addresses how professionals can protect their empathy for clients in the context of professional and personal risk. marriage