Dr. Gowthorpe, and Mr. Robichaud, provide comprehensive mediation plans for couples in the separation and divorce process. We understand that separation and divorce is a complicated process and should access support from the professionals who can make it easier. We understand that there is life outside of the divorce process.

Justice Warren Winkler, Chief Justice of Ontario described the current family court system as “too slow, too complex, too adversarial, and above all, too costly”. We offer an alternative. This saves your money, your children’s health and allows you to be happier. If you want to fight, we are not the mediators for you.

We recognize that life does not end with a court order. We support people in building a foundation for life beyond divorce.

Dr. Gowthorpe, and her associates, guide parents to create parenting plans, make child-centred decisions and reduce conflict following separation.

A Parenting Plan is an agreement that separated parents make about how their children will be cared for and supported. Preparing such a plan allows parents to make decisions that best suit the needs of their child and their circumstances. Such an agreement can be as detailed or as open as desired by the parents if it is suitable to the situation. A parenting plan may address issues that include time with each parent, exchange times, and how decisions will be made. A parenting plan can include anything that parents need to agree on about their children. The plan can be changed at any time with the agreement of both parents.

Dr. Gowthorpe, R.S.W. encourages parents to commit to making decisions in the best interests of their children.